Sports injuries are quite common, especially with sports that involve tremendous physical activity. Sports like basketball, football, tennis, and boxing, to name a few, require a lot of work from your body that can also cause it tremendous strain. You should, therefore, heed the advice from the best sports physiotherapist Glen Iris has to offer if you want to prevent suffering injuries that could impact your career. Below are 7 top tips to consider:


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Tip 1: Boost Physical Conditioning

Contrary to popular belief, engaging in sports won’t make you fit. You need to have proper training and fitness before you can engage in sports of any kind. If you lack the training and conditioning, you are highly prone to suffering from injuries. Even professional athletes work with a sports physiotherapist in Glen Iris to undergo intensive physical conditioning and training so they can perform at the highest level.

Tip 2: Know the Right Technique

Aside from conditioning, a Glen Iris sports physiotherapist would recommend that you practice the right form and technique when participating in any sports activity. If you have incorrect form, you could risk getting yourself injured. You cannot be overzealous or you would end up straining key muscles in your body.

Tip 3: Get Enough Rest

Rest is a crucial part of any sports training. You need to give your body a chance to recuperate from the intensive training. If you engage in non-stop training, your body could weaken over time, too.

Tip 4: Warm Up Your Muscles

Proper warm up is essential. Therefore, expert physiotherapists would recommend that you should not engage in any intense physical activity (especially sports) without warming up your muscles first. If your muscles are not warm enough, they tend to be rigid and could be at risk for injury when you subject them into intense work.

Tip 5: Cool Down

The warm up is essential during the start of your sports or physical activity. But just as important as the warm up is the cool down stage. This will allow your muscles to relax again after engaging in strenuous activity. The lack of cool down is just as dangerous and risky as not getting adequate warm up.

Tip 6: Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching is one of the best ways you can prevent any form of sports injuries. You can do this as part of your warm up and cool down. This will release any lactic acid build up in your muscles that could make you feel sore the next day.

Tip 7: See Your Physiotherapist Regularly

This is one final reminder that an expert from Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy has would recommend. Do not just visit your physiotherapist once you have the injury. You need to consult them regularly so your body is in top athletic conditioning level so you can prevent injury and perform your best.

With the guidance and service from a sports physiotherapist Glen Iris has to offer, you can be at peace knowing that you can perform at the highest level. Since this is your career, you need to be willing to make an investment. By working with the best sports physiotherapist Glen Iris has today, you can guarantee that you will be able to perform your best. To learn more about injury prevention, you can go to this website:

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